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Meet Amin

Meet Amin

CEO of T Labs 

Chair for Finance & Economics, Singularity University

My primary focus is pattern recognition: finding new ways of making sense of the world. 

My secondary focus is creation: putting patterns to work to try to build super useful things

My tertiary focus is protection: using tech & common sense to improve lives & livelihoods.    

Along with my co-founder and lovely wife, I run a Silicon Valley based startup factory focused on moonshot innovation. Our goal at T Labs is to apply the power of exponentially growing technologies like artificial intelligence and biotechnology to solve major problems for humanity. Our projects range from stage­ zero cancer detection, to quantifying and boosting human adaptability (

In addition to pursuing our own diverse innovation agenda, we are passionate about education. Along with our amazing research team, Elena and I are focused on the development of frameworks that help organizations achieve exponentially more. Every year our research projects around the Adaptability Quotient (AQ), Exonomics™ (Exponential Economics) and Exponential Business Models™ reach tens of thousands of leaders from around the world. It is a privileged opportunity that we take very seriously. Nothing teaches like teaching.  

Last time I checked, Google Search ranked me as the world’s best guitar player. This is incredibly inaccurate and bemusing. But it has also made me a ton of new friends from around the world, for which I'm grateful


I have a degree in artificial intelligence from the University of British Columbia, an MBA from Stanford, and an MPA in economic policy from Harvard. I am incredibly grateful that I got to attend Harvard and Stanford at the same time. 

Select Research Topics


Exponential Business Models

Exponential technologies have profound effects on how economies function. Exponential Economics – or Exonomics – is the study of this emerging new world and its implications for individuals, businesses and governments. The talk covers unifying themes among disruptive trends in business strategy, financial markets, cryptocurrencies, economic policy, and risk management.

We studied more than 250 businesses that have experienced exponential growth in recent years. In the process, we discovered layers of patterns commonly shared across these businesses that encompass their approach to organizational structure, leadership style, value proposition, delivery system, and adaptability and culture. In this lecture we summarize our findings and discuss how any business model has the potential to be transformed into an exponential one.

Exponential Teams &
Adaptive Intelligence

The world is changing exponentially fast. This means that our ability to respond to change has become the strongest predictor of our success. In this session, we will discuss insights from a multi­year project examining the characteristics of exponential teams that operate at extreme efficiency, autonomy, and creativity. We will especially focus on the concept of AQ (Adaptability Quotient) ­ and explore what affects our ability to respond to change as individuals and teams.


Sample Lectures


The Biggest Risk

is not thinking big enough.


Amin Toufani

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